My story about how I fucked a granny

Who said that sexuality has an age? As long as both feel good regardless of the age difference. Even less today that milf porn has become popular and that many men has once fantasy the idea of ​​fucked with an older woman. Since she is an older woman, she has experience.

She wakes me up from my sleep with a caress

I was sleeping on my bed when I felt that my thigh was being touched. I felt like dreaming, a sweet dream. By then I was staying with my granny. The caresses continue and it becomes so real I had to wake up. What did I realize, on my bed half naked touching my dick? She masturbates me; I was surprised I did not say anything. She had not had sex for long, I felt pity for her. My dick was strong enough; I was excited if I can say it like that. She sits on me while looking the same direction as me. She puts my dick in her pussy and starts fucking. At this position, granny is responsible for choosing the angle of penetration and setting the pace and intensity.

I had to satisfy her

I stood up from the bed and fucked her in the doggy style. I fucked her like if it was the last time. My granny was hot and her pussy was wet. She loved it, she ejaculated more than four times. This position gave me a lot of power to satisfy my granny. I fucked her deeply that she shouted all over of pleasure. I gave her some slaps on her buttocks while fucking her. Since she had ejaculated I had to do that also she proposed me a blowjob that I accepted. I finally ejaculated deep in her throat. This camsexis a clear representation of what happened to me.

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