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"Watch those long haired hippies behave horny in their tents wearing nothing, but what nature gives them and nature gives them wild women with flower power..."
Burt MacConolly 1968

Speechless, but to the point. These movies are all about hippies having hardcore sex with hairy pussy. The content of those days is exclusive and rare, but there is some and it is pure and hot.

| Afro Hippie Pussy Sex|
| Shaving was a waste of what nature gave you |
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Afro Hippie Pussy Sex
Afro Hippie Pussy Sex
If you talk about the 60's and 70's porn, then one of the things that comes up besides your rising cock of course is the afro haircut. Black people looked quite different from black people of these days, main reason is the afro hair they had back then. Of course the hippie pussy period means an afro between the leggs for black women. Watch in the movie at the left how a young boy comes on the massive vintage tits of an typical afro in those days.  

Shaving was a waste of what nature gave you!
  Of course there were also people who tried to cut of their pubic hair or just shave their hairy slits. This of course was not done! The movie at the right will show you how these shaving disturbers were punished. Shaving was a waste of what nature gave you!  

Young and Old
Young and Old
In the hippie days everything was possible; this period brought young and old together. Old men with young girls and older women with young boys. The example of hippie pussy is about an 19 year old girl who fell deeply in love with a colleague of 40. After a lot of flirting around and meeting eachother in the "bushes", they decided to film their sexual experiences with eachother on a 8mm tape. Find out how this older guy is luckily fingering this young girls hairy slit.  

Pale girl and red hair pussy
  The last movie of hippie pussy is quite extraordinary. A red girl with a red pussy and a white, pale skin. This combination gives the most exciting tits, because of the pale nipples that come forward in this photo. Watch this hippie girl ride a bikerguy, it's a fascinating sight and gives you plenty of information on the variety of hippie pussy. Pale girl and red hair pussy  

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