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Welcome to Hippy Pussy, where we will be exploring the boundaries of sex in the 60's.
The early 60's there was a sex revolution, the stiff and introvert 50's made way for a new period. Freedom and back to nature became a new way of life, in which this primitive way of life took a big place, because the human body is a product of nature! Freedom and the human body, in the world of sex that means: nudism, outdoor sex with bodies formed out of nature instead of surgery and make-up, real boobs and where hippies let their hair grow on their head, they also let nature call between their legs and under their arms. A free world of flower pussy power where everyone fucked everyone and people carried out these calls of nature. This is where Hippie Pussy comes around, we will take a closer look at this willing pure natural hippie pussy.

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Early Hippie Sex
Sexual revolution
Most of the 60's people got involved in the sexual revolution, where hippie sex was the way to go. Men through away their shaving tools and let their hair grow. Women didn't trim their hairy pussy anymore, the gifts of nature were no longer taboo. If a girl had a lot of hair from herself, then she was proud to show her big hairy bush! If a girl had big tits, then this was also a gift of nature! If a girl wanted to have sex, then she took off her panties and pulled a hippie man over her body!  

Public Nudism
  "Hey girls, I'm gonna take off my pants, I want to feel love and become one with the world! Please let me see your pussies as well, I want you to feel my love for you. Together we stand strong and we can conquer the world. My pussy is already very wet, please do feel free to find out what nature gave to my hot slit!" "Watch my pussy!!"  

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Hitch Hiking for sex
Hitch hiking pussy
In the days of flower power was having sex with everybody a quite modern and hip thing to do. You just stepped into your car, drove around for a while and soon you saw someone stand on the sideway hitch hiking. In that period, when everybody loved everybody, it was no big deal to ask someone to show what nature gave to a beautiful girl. No problem in those days and the girl dropped her pants to show her hairy slit. You offered her to get in the car and drove her to the parc, where a lot of other people were making love as well. Between the others you slipped your fingers in het pants and slided your fingers in her hot wet cunt. Real horny because of all the love she gave you, she shoved your rockhard dick between her swollen pussy lips.  

Everything's possible
  Hippie sex was for everybody. There were no boundaries on sex anymore, nudism, 24/7 sexparties, groupsex, hippie gangbangs, hetero couples, sex between women, while men were there to be voyeur, everthing was possible! Really stimulating to see a couple of randy women lick, masturbating and have a blasting orgasm, yes it did rise the hippie dick real stiff and made the hippie pussy all wet, burning hard and all swollen up! This site has many hippie pics, hippie videos that can be watched online. Hairy lesbian pussy  

Sex tourism got a boost as well

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